Day 4 -Finding a Groove

The first Whole30 I did, back in early 2014, was rough.  I’d been “underpants gnoming” the Whole30, gathering all the resources and information that I possibly could.  I had my pile of underpants at that point, and knew that I wanted to profit.  But what came in-between?  So in the winter of 2014, I embarked upon my first Whole30 journey.  I think it was a complete one, but I honestly don’t remember… I know I lasted at least 27 days, because I distinctly remember Day 27.

I also distinctly remember feeling like shit for about the first two weeks of my first Whole30.  But a lifetime of pizza, chocolate milk, nacho cheese, Chinese food, etc. will do that to you when you can’t have it anymore.  Each Whole30 round or attempt has been easier, though, and this round I didn’t even get the flu-like symptoms that I normally get.  I never had the chills or nausea, and even was in the “kill all the things” phase for only a couple hours on my second or third day (I was short with some lady in Wal Mart but really she kind of deserved it).  I had a headache on Day 2, but I’m also sensitive to changes in weather & barometric pressure, so I attributed it to that more than anything.

The point that I’m making with all of this is that I feel like I’ve made it past the worst of the “Whole30 symptoms” that are normally experienced.  The only thing that is now troubling me as I write this post at 6:00 a.m. on Day 5 is that my legs keep cramping up.  But I know that this means “drink more water!” so I’ll do that.

My Day 4 meals were solid… Aidells sausages with celery & guac for breakfast, leftover meatloaf with potatoes for lunch, and Well Fed‘s Char Siu Pork with lots of steamed broccoli for dinner.  Now that I’ve managed to do some cooking I have leftovers in the fridge, and life feels good.


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