Day 5 -zzzzz

WordPress just tried to correct me when I typed “z” too many times.  The nerve!

I am finally reaping the benefit of having leftovers around the house.  I even have a secret little place in the fridge (namely, where the vegetables should go) that my unhealthy housemate (henceforth known as The UH) won’t ever look in.  I’m glad The UH liked the stew I made the other night, but three servings and a lack of leftovers for me was a bit of a problem.

Not that I’m still annoyed by it…

Breakfast this morning was leftover meatloaf with potatoes and broccoli; (late) lunch was pork fried “rice” made with leftover char siu pork, cauli rice, and onions/carrots/celery.  It was good stuff.

And the leftovers are hidden.


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