Day 6 – Eating out on Whole30

I am still chugging along, friends!  I ended up having a late breakfast/early lunch of emergency sushi (sashimi) at Wegmans.  I didn’t have any coconut aminos on me, so I had to eat it plain.  I dealt 🙂  Also had the Wegmans brand flavored water (like Hint, but cheaper!).  Not a bad lunch.

I ventured off to the movie theater with the UH, and we wanted to stop for an early dinner beforehand.  I came prepared with my homemade ranch dressing in a container, and a LaCroix to drink.  UH was super embarrassed by me bringing my own stuff into a restaurant, so guess who got to carry both for me? 😀

The restaurant had a caesar salad on the menu with crispy prosciutto, so I got that, minus the cheese, dressing, etc., and added some grilled chicken.  Even though it cost $16, it was awesome eating out and navigating those waters.  And I don’t feel like I missed out on a single thing by not having a burger & fries, or pizza like the Unhealthy Housemate.

So, some tips for dining out while on Whole30 –

  • Check the menu ahead of time.  If you have questions, call the restaurant (but preferably during slower hours so they have the time to address your question properly and they don’t give you the brush-off)
  • Grilled meat, a baked potato, and a side salad or other veggies is always a good bet.  Or a big salad with protein and veggies on it.
  • Keep some condiments handy in your fridge in little containers when you want to go out.  I keep ranch in a 4 oz. container, ketchup in a 4 oz. container, and ghee in a 2 oz. container.  The ghee lasts forever, so you could even keep it in your car 🙂
  • Don’t be afraid to bring a compliant beverage in with you, or just have water.

I got this!


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