Day 7 – A Week Down!

I ventured out into a snowstorm last night to get my Aidells chicken & apple sausages, because I was prepping breakfast and needed them, dammit!  While I was at the giantevilcorporateentitythatInormallyrefusedtoshopatbuttheykeepongettingcompliantitemsandtheirpricesarefantastic, I picked up a few other things, including a package of smoked vidalia onion sausages that I’m excited to try.

And wouldn’t you know I left my groceries out all night long.

The Aidells got put away, because I finished prepping five breakfasts for work this week, but the rest?  My frozen cauli rice and spinach and 1 lb. of ground pork for meatloaf this week?  Still on a chair in the kitchen.

Ah, well.

Yesterday I tried something a little different…. I have a ranch blend that I make frequently, and always keep on hand in a jar in the freezer.  It’s awesome for ranch dressing, ranch dip, etc., and in my opinion, way better than a popular Whole30 recipe with a really gross name.

I have been trying to stay away from eggs this round, and it’s been going fairly well.  I realized, though, that it means I should probably give up mayo and any mayo-related products, like creamy salad dressings.  So I tried my hand at a “Ranch dressing” made with blended cashews, and no egg.  It actually came out pretty good!  I’ll be re-trying the recipe of the next few weeks before I share it, but I think it’ll make a great dairy- and egg-free ranch dressing.

One week under my belt, 25 to go.


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