Day 9

I think when I look back on my 182 days, a highlight will definitely be the Italian Wedding Soup I made yesterday.  Holy cow was that good.  (So many darn little meatballs, though….)

My pre-made breakfasts have been going well.  I’ve been drinking lots of fluids, including Lady Grey tea, and my beloved Pomme Baya LaCroix.

I think the “tiger blood” might have hit a bit yesterday.  I’ve been up super early most mornings, all “DO YOU WANNA BUILD A SNOWMAN?!” but yesterday I had energy throughout the day.  I did so much cleaning at work it’s not funny.  Those piles of things I’ve meant to go through for three years?  CLEANED AND CLEANED.  My boss seemed a bit concerned.

1/20th of the way down!  If I can just repeat what I’ve done twenty more times, it’ll be smooth sailing!


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