Day 12 – Emotional Mess

I often write my blogs reflecting on the day  the day after, in the quiet of the morning where I can sit and think without interruptions or stressors, and really stop to reflect on the previous day.  As I write this, I’ve been a bit of an emotional mess this morning, watching youtube videos of kids who grew up with their pets (here I am on my first day with Fluffy, and here we are on our last together… *sobs quietly*), or reading about a local pastor living with early Alzheimer’s.

Yep, I’m a hot mess.

But as the tears ran down my face seeing all these pictures of these kids and their pets, and thinking about my own fluffmonsters – Sawyer the Golden at my parents’ house, Pumpkin the kitty at my place, and Brandi the Golden up in doggy heaven – I realized that my emotionalness (? emotionality?) is related to where I was yesterday.

I decided yesterday evening that I was craving prosciutto.  I think it’s because I had not properly nourished myself during the day – not enough fat & protein in my pork fried cauli rice (made with Well Fed‘s Char Siu) – and my body knew it needed more fat and protein.  So I messaged my Whole30 buddy Randi, who I’ve been relying on fairly heavily over the last few days.

Me: I kind of want to drive to Aldi and get prosciutto and eat a boatload of prosciutto for dinner.  I’m a tad bit miserable at the moment and I’m trying to think of something compliant that would make me happy lol.
Her: Well what isn’t food but would make you equally happy?
Me: Moving to Ireland.

So, since I couldn’t move to Ireland last night, I drove to Wal Mart and got some prosciutto.  And I had prosciutto for dinner.  And regretted it after.

But now I’m going to be able to remind myself, “Remember when you had prosciutto for dinner and you regretted it?  Don’t do that again.”  Tools for the ol’ toolbox.

While I was at Wal Mart drowning my sorrows in 12 oz. of prosciutto, I did score Applegate hot dogs on sale for $2.77.  A steal, even by Wal Mart standards.  So I bought two packages, and they’re in the freezer.  In the mean time, I think I’m going to do some bacon & eggs this morning, finish up the slawghetti from the other night for lunch, and make a meatloaf for dinner.  Feelin better today! 😀


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