Day 18 – Downward Slope

I’ll be interested in seeing how a much longer Whole30 plays out.  Normally, at this point, I’d be on the “back half” of my 30 days… the end zone is in sight!  Light at the end of the tunnel!  I can have pizza again in less than two weeks!

But this time, Day 31 will not be the end, but rather, the beginning all over again.  So I’m not sure how I’m going to approach that when the time comes.  I’m hoping that I don’t go into self-sabotage mode where I just say “eh, I made it 30 days… I can indulge a little bit” and then it turns into a six-month binge (see: after my last Whole30).

So far, everything really is smooth sailing, and it’s become second nature again.  It’s always much easier to slip back into it, especially having completed two completely before.  It’s easy since I’m (mostly) just cooking for myself, but I’ve gotten into a groove of a prepped breakfast, leftovers for lunch, and then cooking dinner.  And then eating whatever leftovers I didn’t get to for breakfast & lunch on the weekend.  Shopping Saturday, prepping Sunday.  Repeat repeat repeat.

18/182 (hey, that’s like 1/10th!)

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