Day 19 – Ton of Bricks

Sleeping like the dead is pretty awesome.  I’m getting fitful, restful sleep.  Except for that hour I woke up last night & couldn’t fall back asleep… took me 45 mins, but I eventually got there.

Anyway, I was awoken this morning again by my alarm.  At 7:00.  And even that wasn’t enough sleep for me, so I reset it for 7:15… and promptly fell back asleep for the briefest of moments.  I probably could have slept for another hour or two if I had wanted to.

I’ve never had a “tiger blood” moment triggered during a Whole30, but I have periodic bouts of insane energy, and I feel better on the whole.  I’m more alert and focused, and my energy doesn’t slump mid-afternoon.  But man did I feel like Day 2 this morning!

I’m looking forward to the extension of the Whole30, because allegedly magic starts happening around Day 66… 47 days to go, so we’ll see!


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