Day 25 – Cruisin’

I wish I had more to say!  I am cruisin’ along towards the end of the first Whole30 in a planned series of six.  That’ll make me 1/6 of the way done!  Wow!

I was chatting with my Whole30 buddy, and we agreed that it has not seemed as hard this round.  Maybe because we have buddies this time?  Idk.

I’ve tried a couple of new recipes, recently.  I made some Asian beef ribs Tuesday night for dinner, which were good.  I’m going to make them again & tweak the recipe before I post it, but you have to love an instant pot meal!  And then last night I hauled out the instant pot again for Nom Nom Paleo’s Kalua Pig.  I know it’s one of her most popular recipes, but honestly, I wasn’t all that jazzed about it.  My dinner date liked it, and it was okay, just not anything to get all excited about.

Then all the cabbage also upset my digestive tract, which I’m still feeling a little bit this morning.  I suppose a NSV would be that my stomach wasn’t cramping and that it was just feeling a wee unsettled before the heavens let loose.  Maybe that’s a sign that my gut is healing…?

Some other NSVs that I’m realizing this morning, so at the end of my 30 days I’ll probably go through the list on the website and see what applies.  Onward!


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