Day 36 – Back on Track

I spent days 31-33 in cheesy derailment… don’t get me wrong, Kerrygold is fantastic stuff.  Just not sure if it was worth the mental derailment, and not sure if it was worth pooping my brains out at work (yeah, I went there).

I got back on track on Friday (Day 33), and have been 100% compliant since.  That said, my family came over for birthday wings Saturday night, and last night was the Super Bowl, so while I was compliant, I wasn’t exactly making healthy, balanced decisions.  My three compliant wings of buffalo wings, curry wings, and BBQ wings were hits, as were my homemade baked fries and homemade ranch.  Then last night for the Super Bowl, I ended up making homemade fries w/ranch again, with buffalo wings.

Something in my meals over the past couple of days has upset my stomach something fierce.  I had Chipotle yesterday for lunch, and the chorizo was a bit spicy (I’ll probably stick with the carnitas from now on).  So I’m not sure if it came from the spiciness of the chorizo, or maybe the Frank’s red hot in the wings.  Really not sure!  At any rate, my stomach is feeling rough, but I might snag some bone broth that I left at the manfriend’s house and sip on that for dinner tonight.


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