Ramble On

WOW.  I’ve been away from this blog for so long that WordPress even changed where their post settings are located.

It’s only been a month, but it feels like much longer.  Really, around my birthday (February 7th) is when things started going off-track for me.

It’s taken me a lot to even come in here and make a post.  Every day I’ve meant to.  Sat down.  Checked Facebook as a distraction.  Twitter.  Pinterest.  Online games.  … Everything, really – feeling that once I exhausted all my other options, I’d have to come here and “face the music.”  Which is silly, because, really, it’s nobody’s music to face but my own.  At the end of the day, I am accountable to nobody but myself.

It started with the damn cheese.  There are three things that I love dearly – 1) Ireland 🇮🇪, 2) cheese 🧀, and 3) good deals on food 🍴.  So when Aldi’s was carrying Kerrygold cheese ridiculously cheap around my birthday, I felt that the stars aligned & I needed to indulge in my once-a-year treat of cheese.  The problem was that I couldn’t just pick one – I had to pick them all.  Four varieties of Kerrygold cheese, in my minifridge at work.

That turned into me eating 7 oz. of cheese a day, while still maintaining everything else Whole30.  Which then turned from me straying from Whole30 in other ways.  Nothing crazy or terrible – I’ve actually managed to keep the Mountain Dew addiction largely at bay, though I have indulged a few times.  And I’m not eating entire pizzas, or ordering 1200 calorie subs from Wegmans every day.  But still.

See all of that post back there?  That was composed almost two months ago.

Writing a more appropriate update now!

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