Round 1…. the second time?

I’m back, bitches.

So I veered a little off-course following my birthday February 7th, and while it was nothing insane, I was definitely not Whole30, or even Paleo.

not quite…

Normally it takes me like a year to get on track (I had over a year between my first and second rounds, and about five months between my second and third).  This time it’s a little under four months, so…. improvement?

While I fell off the wagon, two things happened – first of all, I felt like shit.  I was tired, lethargic, bloatic, irregular… pretty much the same mess I was before.

And secondly, my Whole30 buddy, Randi, just….. kept on going.  She wasn’t being perfect with regards to sugar, but largely, she was keeping Whole30.  She’s down over 30 lbs. and feeling great, and is a huge inspiration to me and one of my reasons for getting back on track.

What struck me so much between when I went off Whole30 and this moment right now (day 2 of my new round), is how food is much less of a reward for me than it was previously.  Feeling bloated, diarrhea, having no energy…. that is not a reward!  And, yet, those were the results of many of my “reward” foods… which were no longer a reward at all.

So, I’m back on the wagon.  I’m not going to be blogging about my “round 1,” since I already did that, but expect a few new recipes, especially as we enter grilling season 😀 and I’ll pick up with round 2!

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