Apps for Success

Things are chugging along well.  Which is awesome.  I also didn’t experience much of the headache/moodswing this time around.  Every time gets a little easier.

I wanted to take a moment and recommend a couple of apps I have been using that are just amazing.  I am not receiving any kickbacks for endorsing, I just think they’re great!

Paprika App
itunes, $4.99 for iphone

My Whole30 buddy Randi turned me on to this one.  I was a bit skeptical at first, but then ended up getting it for my macbook and my iphone, and I love it.  Things I love:

  • syncing across devices – very handy if you have phone, laptop, tablet, etc.
  • importing recipes from anywhere
  • adding as much or as little of a recipe to a grocery list
  • creating “meals” (i.e. if I like to have my ribs with my smoked paprika potatoes
  • planning breakfast, lunch, and dinner by the week

It’s basically everything I’ve been doing in my bullet journal, except in app form.  And I love it.  In this case, I prefer the desktop version over the mobile version, but the desktop version is also more expensive ($19.99 for Mac).

itunes, $4.99 for iphone

HomeBudget is an app I have used in the past, but I feel it “clicking” this time around.  It’s not anything crazy fancy, but it’s perfect for what I need.  Things I love about it:

  • again, syncing across devices – I got the desktop version as well
  • setting up recurring income and expenses – my paychecks are the same each time, and I don’t want to have to remember to enter in that information every other week.  Same thing with recurring expenses – I’m not always going to note/remember when that $5.99 Hulu charge comes out.  This remembers for me so I don’t have to, leaving me to just enter incidentals.
  • completely customizable categories (apparently the creator does not pay student loans!)
  • easy-to-use interface, & ability to see information “at a glance”

In this case, I do prefer the mobile version over the desktop version, though I like being able to sit on my laptop and work on my budget as well, instead of typing into a tiny screen with a tiny keyboard.

Between both of those apps, I am feeling like I finally have my life a little bit more organized.  I don’t have to wonder about what I’m having for dinner, as I made the choice previously and put it in the app, and that saves me from impulse (BAD) decisions.  Similarly, noting how much is in my bank account, and not just throwing everything on my credit card to pay later is making me much more mindful of purchases (you have no idea how much a person can spend on stupid Facebook games!).  So I’m eating healthier, and saving more money (or giving myself more money to eat healthier).  And that’s pretty awesome!

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