Checking In

I’m over halfway done with this second go at Round 1, and I’m feeling great!  It has been very easy this go around – so easy that I often forget that I’m doing a Whole30.

Some things I have noticed:

  • My scalp always itches on a Whole30.  This may be because of new hair growth?  When I keep at this for longer than a month, will I have thick, luxurious hair?  I have also noticed that not nearly as much hair comes out in the shower.
  • In my first couple of weeks, there were some times when I didn’t feel like eating at all, so I didn’t.  I know this is a Whole30 no-no, but I just wasn’t hungry.  I found myself on two or three occasions just eating two bigger meals.
  • Do not trust restaurant “clarified” butter…. might just be melted butter.  Accidental dairy exposure on Mother’s Day led to an upset stomach, constipation, and a headache.  At least I know how it affects me, now!
  • I had a couple of pimples in the first half of my Round 1 re-do.  I’m guessing that was my body detoxifying (sp? word?), as I never get pimples and didn’t have acne as a teenager.  But now they’re gone, so yay 🙂
  • Despite (or maybe “aside from…”) the upset tummy the other day due to the butter, my stomach is feeling fairly good.  I’ve been pooping very regularly, it’s been perfect on the Bristol Stool Chart (#4!!), and I’ve been going first thing every morning, so that’s nice.
  • I’ve been sleeping great!  I love Whole30 sleeping, because I sleep like the dead.  I’m not quite yet feeling super energetic during the day, though…. suspect that may take more time.

All in all, though, things are going very well.  I navigated going out for Mother’s Day, and I’ll probably be doing the same for Father’s Day.  And I’m good with that!

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