Day 25 – Huuuuuuge NSV!

Period & poop talk under the cut!

My periods have always been very irregular – ever since I had my first period when I was 11 (that family vacation was certainly a memorable one!), I’ve been irregular.  Never been on a standard 28-day cycle.

That being said, things got progressively worse when i was in college.  Sometimes I’d skip months, or I’d get my period and it’d last for days longer than it should, or it would be over almost as soon as it started.  Having no health insurance in college, and not wanting to go on birth control, which is a synthetic hormone, I turned to some natural remedies.

I recall doing searches online as to what might work, and discovered black cohosh, which was used by the Native Americans to treat gynecological issues, and by more modern women as an abortofacient.  Hoping that it would regulate me a bit, I picked up some black cohosh tea, was warned by the woman who worked at the natural foods store to not drink too much of it, and gave it a whirl.

Well, it did nothing, and now I had all this black tea.  After college, the irregular periods would continue, but the gaps between them got bigger, to the point where I was getting a couple periods a year.  I probably have PCOS, I thought, or endometriosis, or some other issues; at the very least, a hormone imbalance that could probably be instantly corrected, again, with synthetic birth control that I wanted to avoid.  The last night I needed to do was to convince my big, bloated body that it was pregnant three weeks out of the month.

Flash forward to Whole30, which is supposed to help with hormone imbalance.  I have had some success in the past with completing a Whole30 and then being surprised by a period, and “regular periods” is on my list of Non-Scale Victories that I am monitoring for.

Here’s where poop talk comes in.

So I was having my morning poop about a half an hour after waking up (another NSV is crazy regularity), and I discovered blood.  “Shit (no pun intended),” I thought, “if I’m bleeding out of my ass that is not a good thing.”  So I grabbed some more toilet paper and tried to find the culprit.  Butthole?  Nope.  Vagina hole?

Ding ding ding!  Bethany got her period, before the end of her Whole30.

It caught me off-guard, since I didn’t have any symptoms of PMS (although I did get a little choked up watching something the other day and thought I might have been hormonal).  I also had a low-grade headache yesterday that I attributed to the weather changing, but may have been another symptom (I have it again today).  Nonetheless, this is very exciting, and I hope that when I continue this eating plan for several more months, I will see more regulated periods.

*does happy period dance, “I am woman, hear me roar,” etc.*

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