Non-Scale Victories

I thought it might be handy to keep a list of all  “non-scale victories” I experience, and when they occur.  Non-scale victories, or NSVs, are just as important as the scale victories, and can help you take note of all the improvements going on both inside and outside.  The official list of NSVs can be found here.

I will be re-evaluating this list at the end of each 30-day period.

Red – Whole30 completed 1/31/18
Orange – Whole60 completed 3/2/18
Yellow – Whole90 completed 4/1/18
Green – Whole120 completed 5/1/18
Blue – Whole150 completed 5/31/18
Purple – Whole180 completed 6/30/18


Physical (outside)

  • fewer blemishes
  • glowing skin
  • no more under-eye circles
  • improvement in rashes or patches
  • less dimpled skin
  • longer, stronger nails
  • stronger, thicker hair
  • brighter eyes
  • fresher breath
  • whiter teeth
  • flatter stomach
  • leaner appearance
  • clothes fitting better
  • ring fitting better
  • less bloating
  • more defined muscle tone
  • less joint swelling
  • looking younger
  • feeling more confident in your appearance

Physical (inside)

  • healthier gums
  • less stiff joints
  • less painful joints
  • fewer PMS symptoms
  • a more regular monthly cycle
  • increased libido
  • less stomach pain
  • less diarrhea
  • less constipation
  • less gas
  • less bloating
  • improved regularity
  • you don’t get sick as often
  • fewer seasonal allergies
  • reduction in food allergies
  • fewer migraines
  • less acid reflux
  • less heartburn
  • less chronic pain
  • less chronic fatigue
  • less shoulder/back/knee pain
  • improved blood pressure
  • improved cholesterol numbers
  • improved circulation
  • improved blood sugar regulation
  • improved medical symptoms
  • reduced or eliminated medications
  • recovering faster from injury or illness

Mood, Emotion, and Psychology

  • you’re happier
  • you’re more outgoing
  • you’re more patient
  • you’re more optimistic
  • you laugh more
  • you’re less anxious
  • you’re less stressed
  • you handle stress better
  • fewer mood swings
  • less depression
  • improved mental health
  • fewer sugar cravings
  • fewer carb cravings
  • improved body image
  • improved self-esteem
  • improved self-confidence
  • less reliance on the scale
  • feeling in control of your food

Food & Behaviors

  • healthier relationship with food
  • improved disordered eating habits
  • no more binging
  • practicing mindful eating
  • learned how to read a label
  • eats to satiety
  • listens to your body
  • abandoned yo-yo or crash dieting
  • no longer afraid of dietary fat
  • learned how to cook
  • no longer us food for comfort
  • no longer use food as reward
  • no longer use food as punishment
  • no longer use food as love
  • no longer a slave to sugar/carbs
  • can identify cravings vs. hunger
  • fewer cravings
  • healthy strategies to deal with cravings
  • more nutrition in your diet
  • Food no longer has unwanted “side effects”
  • no more food guilt or shame

Brain Function

  • improved attention span
  • improved performance at job or school
  • improved memory
  • faster reaction times
  • you think more clearly
  • you feel generally more productive


  • you’re sleeping more
  • you fall asleep more easily
  • you sleep more soundly
  • you no longer need a sleep aid
  • no more “snooze” button
  • you awaken feeling refreshed
  • less snoring
  • less night sweats
  • less sleep apnea
  • fewer night cramps


  • energy levels are higher
  • energy levels are more even
  • more energy in the morning
  • no more mid-day energy slump
  • more energy to exercise
  • more energy to socialize
  • more energy at work or school
  • you no longer need to eat every two hours
  • you no longer get cranky if you don’t eat
  • you feel energetic between meals
  • you need less sugar or caffeine

Sport, Exercise, and Play

  • you started moving or exercising
  • you became more consistent with exercise
  • you can exercise longer, harder, or faster
  • you feel more athletic
  • you can lift heavier things
  • you hit new “personal bests”
  • you recover more effectively
  • you’re trying new activities
  • you play more with your kids or dog
  • you’re more coordinated
  • your balance is better
  • you’re outside more

Lifestyle and Social

  • more knowledgeable about nutrition
  • shop locally and eat seasonally
  • new cooking skills
  • new recipes
  • meal prep is organized and efficient
  • made new like-minded friends who support your lifestyle
  • maximize your food budget
  • you’ve created other health goals
  • healthy eating habits have brought your family closer
  • you’ve joined a new community
  • people ask you what you’re doing differently
  • people come to you for health, food, or lifestyle advice
  • you are Whole30